Andara Crystal Feather Earrings

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Image of Andara Crystal Feather Earrings Image of Andara Crystal Feather Earrings

These are available by custom order in Silver or Copper and your choice of Andara crystals or other crystals. These earrings are hand crafted from start to finish. I hand cut the feathers from sheet metal and hand etch and drill each pair. I then wire wrap the Crystal of your choice in the middle. No two are ever exactly the same!!

They measure approx 2" long

My Native American spirit guides come in and help me with these, it's almost like they come in and take over through the creation process. These are one of my favorites to make and my guides are greatful for me continuing to honor the Native American Spirit.

For more information on this process please contact Darlene directly by text or phone at
1 (603)343-3533 or by email